Pumpkin Pie with Homemade Pie Crust

And here I am, with yet another American pie recipe, straight from the US, and intended to be the sweet culmination of our Friendsgiving Dinner – an evening of all-American food traditions, from turkey to…

New York Philadelphia Cheesecake

I’m a freestyle chef. The kitchen is my open stage, and my recipes are nothing but a basis for culinary jazz impro. So far, that never turned out bad. There are people – and maybe…

The Benefits of Running

In February 2018, after a 2-day workshop on time management, I decided to manage my time by taking time for myself – and do something I’d benefit from both physically and psychologically: I went running….

Bella Italia

Italia – the land of pasta, vino e tiramisu; of sole mio e la dolce vita. And where I spent most of August 2018. Needless to say, wherever you are in Italy, it is beautiful….

Sort Me, Hat!

Dee made me join the Pottermore universe after I introduced her to the Potterless podcast, so we introduced each other to more or less the same if you pardon the pun (and there are gonna…

The greatest accomplishments in human history

Last night, I attended a rooftop party in sunny Freiburg. While enjoying quite a few refreshing Hugos and slowly evolviong from slightly tipsy to proper drunk, I was engaged in a stimulating conversation that quickly…