We Have arrived at an intellectual chaos

Or rather, you have. Welcome. And congratulations, I guess. Here, you will find anything and everything from heavy thoughts to light entertainment. You’ll find deep stuff and really bad puns, musings of the mind, reviews, recipes, recommendations, travelogs and outdoor activities, and whatever else I’m up to at the moment. There’s content in English and Deutsch (mostly Kurzgeschichten). However, posts in one language have not been translated and probably never will be, so if you happen to be bilingual, consider yourself lucky. If not, there’s still lots to enjoy and if you speak neither, there are some sketches and drawings you can look at. Everything published here is auf meinem Mist gewachsen, as the Germans like to say, and 100% my work if not marked otherwise. To learn more about me, check out ABOUT where your will find the more personal of my posts and always feel free to leave a (nice) comment (my ego is small and I am very sensitive) or drop me a message, either here or on social media. Or believe Urban Dictionary. And now – enjoy! Love, J