The greatest accomplishment in human history

Well, one of them. The odd one out.

Last night, I attended a rooftop party in sunny Freiburg. While enjoying quite a few refreshing Hugos and slowly progressing from slightly tipsy to properly drunk, I was engaged in a stimulating conversation that quickly turned from trash talk to existential topics, culminating in the question what I’d redeem the five greatest accomplishments in human history.
So the pressure was on. I needed to come up with something clever, witty, smart. Not too profane but not too random, either. I’m proud to say that I did not embarass myself. After I had covered the deep and vast topics that cover basically everything (language, music, food), it was about time to get more into specifics.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: the hammock, zu Deutsch Hängematte.

Why? Because it is the epitome of relaxation, holidays, summer and the good simple life. I know for sure, I have one. It’s up on my balcony and just seeing it makes me immediately feel so much more relaxed. Lying in there, softly swinging in the wind, you simply feel in harmony with life, the universe and everything. The broomie (=short for best roomate ever with whom I also share some kind of bromance if I was a guy and if he wasn’t gay and if those terms really mattered somehow) and I love to meet up on my balcony in the evening, lie opposite each other, our legs stretched out, snack some pretzels, drink some wine and tell us about our days or just relax and appreciate.

No matter how stressful work, life, people are – two seconds in and you’re at peace. Something humanity has always been looking for. Ergo: greatest acclompishment.

And here is the beauty I call my own:

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