Las Salinas – Agaete’s Natural Pool Paradise

The Canary Islands – all-year holiday destination for all desires from party to nature. For me, it was my first mid/season aka winter holiday since working at the theatre (hooray!). I was in desperate need of Vitamin D, looked up not-too-far-away places and decided on Agaete, Gran Canaria, as my designated residency. Agaete is located in the North-West of Gran Canaria, at the edge of Tamadaba Natural Park and has an intensely rich vegetation. In January, everything’s green and blooming and the average temperature is 19-20°C so it was the perfect getaway from foggy Freiburg and into sunshine, sea breeze and nature ☼ ☼ ☼

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite spots in Agaete. Down by Puerto de las Nieves, Agaete’s emblematic harbour town lies Las Salinas – three natural rock pools connected through underwater volcanic tubes. The pools are protected from the current current (hehe) so it’s safe to dive in during all times and tides. Concrete pylons on the edge of the outer pool have been added to keep the waves out. This provides for a safe bathing opportunity with all benefits of refreshing sea water but without the dangers of being pulled out into the open sea. As a bonus, you get an incredible panorama of the coastline, out to the sea and all the way to Tenerife.

I spent most of my very limited time down there by the pools – whether you’re sunbathing on the wooden patio, cooling off in the water, reading, dozing off, enjoying the chitter chatter, doing yoga or other exercise. Maybe you’re just soaking up that Vitamin D. Whatever is on your mind – this is the place to be. Unless you want sandy beaches, then maybe not. It’s all rocks and stones and hard floors. For me, it’s perfect. I could sit sat there all day long, watching the tide come in and the waves crushing against the shore. Paradise found.

Las Salinas, Calle el Muelle, 35480 Agaete

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