The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go.

This is a new section on the blog! I could have also filed it under Outdoor Adventures, because it most definitely is but I thought this one is big, and I mean big big, and deserves its own category. Important things first: this category is also a big, big maybe. Due to the current worldwide pandemic, it is absolutely uncertain if I will be even allowed to travel and do what I‘ve been busy planning for months now. But hope is (second) last to die and what‘s the point giving up on a dream now because it might not come true when the outcome is beyond your control? Every day, I allow myself a solid fifteen minutes to worry about it, otherwise I pretend it‘s gonna happen because what else can I do? So as we stand, let‘s pretend!

In August 2020, I will hike the John-Muir-Trail.

213 miles, and an elevation change of 47,000 feet, approximately.

Three weeks. All by myself.

And here, I will keep you updated, write about my experiences, and let you virtually come along on my journey. Not in a live feed, because I am looking forward to days without any network coverage, but there will be a first part of preparations and background information, then the great divide aka offline session when you know I‘ll be on the trail, followed by a second part, a post-trail summarized diary (short PTSD. Oh, wait, that one‘s already taken).

The mountains are calling and I must go. – John Muir

So keep looking here for one of the greatest solo adventures I‘ve ever tackled!

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